Sam Heughan and the rest of the cast of “Outlander” returned for the show’s sixth season earlier this year. Following its premiere, the actor shared some anecdotes about his character and the “steamy” scenes in the series.

Cheat Sheet recently unearthed the interview, detailing what the 42-year-old celebrity had to say. As reported, he described his character’s intimate scenes as “pretty uncomfortable.”

Speaking to Insider, Heughan noted that the said scenes throughout the six-season run of the show are “not the most natural thing.” He also admitted that this largely applies to his character, Jamie Fraser, who has gone through “assault and rape,” before adding that it “was pretty tough.”

The Scottish actor continued that he “did not feel that supported” upon looking back all those years, particularly on his character’s steamy scenes in “Outlander” Season 1. He argued, however, that they were “making a new show” and noted that they were “in a different environment.”

The publication later quoted Sam Heughan, saying, “People were expecting more out of the show.” He added, “They wanted to see more.”

But, things have since reportedly changed, especially now the series is heading towards its seventh season. The actor believes so as he told the interviewer that “, maybe less is more.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Sam Heughan shared that the production for Season 6 welcomed the arrival of Vanessa Coffey, who serves as the show’s “intimacy coordinator.” He said it had been “fantastic having her on board.”

The “Spy Who Dumped Me” actor explained that Coffey did not only “help facilitate” the steamy scenes in the latest season. But, she had “helped explore the relationship,” especially between the characters of Jamie and Claire Fraser.

Heughan later added that the intimacy coordinator also assisted in taking the “audience on a journey and let them feel that they [were] getting a glimpse into a really intimate moment.”

“Outlander” Season 6 concluded its course after eight episodes earlier in May. While fans may have already started experiencing the so-called “droughtlander,” Season 7 is reportedly on its way to small screens.

There is very little information about when the new set of installments will drop. But, Cinema Blend recalled the filming and shooting began earlier in April, adding that Caitriona Balfe revealed they would be working on it for a whole year.

As for the plot of the seventh season, which will reportedly house 16 episodes, Sam Heughan was said to have stated that it will pick up where it last left off from the finale of Season 6.