Kaley Cuoco recently admitted to feeling devastation after not getting the “Knives Out 2” part she wanted. She stated that the role went to Kate Hudson instead.

Cheat Sheet said that the “Big Bang Theory” alum shared her story to Glamour for its April cover issue. She even revealed that she “cried all night” upon learning she had lost out on the role.

The 36-year-old celebrity explained that she does not usually let official casting decisions affect her. But, for the “Knives Out 2” role, she said she was “convinced” she had the part, even leading her to pack her bags for Greece to begin filming.

Despite feeling “devastated” after learning the news, Kaley Cuoco pointed out that Kate Hudson is “great.” She also emphasized that she “could not be happier with how things turned out.”

The “Flight Attendant” star explained that it was supposed to happen, adding that Hudson was supposed to do it and she was supposed to do her own thing. But, the actress revealed that she never got an explanation as to why the production did not move forward with her.

Cuoco noted further as to why things happened the way they were supposed to. As it turned out, she received a casting offer the following day for “Meet Cute.”

Although she was hesitant at first, she read the script, resulting in her to accept the part. She even shared that it was “the most magical little script,” adding that she would have never gotten it if she got the “Knives Out 2” role.

Meanwhile, Kaley Cuoco’s career continues to rise these days. She is currently busy with her new fan-favorite series, “The Flight Attendant,” which is ongoing on HBO Max.

In the same engagement with Glamour, the “Man From Toronto” actress discussed matters relating to marriage and relationships. She told the interviewer that she will never get married again.

Fans would recall that Cuoco first tied the knot with Ryan Sweeting in 2013. She then married Karl Cook in 2018 after dating for about two years.

The actress’s first marriage did not last long as she and Sweeting parted ways after 21 months of being a married couple. As for her second marriage, it lasted for three years as they decided to split in late 2021.

Despite Kaley Cuoco’s plans of not tying the knot ever again, she stated that she “would love to have a long-lasting relationship.” She also stated that she loves love, adding that she believes “there is someone out there.”