Meghan Markle allegedly cut ties with Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie following the recent progress on Prince Andrew’s sexual abuse lawsuit.

In its Feb. 7 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that Markle disassociated herself from Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie amid fears that she could be dragged into Prince Andrew’s case.

The Duchess of Sussex allegedly forced Prince Harry to follow suit even if she knew how difficult it was for him because he’s close to his cousins, especially Princess Eugenie.

“Harry and Eugenie have always been thick as thieves, and he was close with Beatrice growing up as well. Despite their age difference, they always stuck together at stuffy family events. Harry kept them endlessly entertained with his impish sense of humor, which rubbed off on them. They always had a great time together, well into adulthood – until the past few weeks,” the source said.

Following the judge’s decision, Prince Harry allegedly stopped communicating with his cousins on their family’s WhatsApp account. Prince Harry and Markle also refused to pick up Princess Eugenie’s calls and they rarely text the Yorks.

According to the source, it took them the royal siblings a few days to realize what Prince Harry and Markle had been doing.

“They were firm friends. But Eugenie’s no fool. She knows they’re distancing themselves from her because of what’s happening with her father. She’s hurt, nonetheless. Whatever her dad’s involved in, it’s not her fault, and she figured her friendship with the Sussexes would be strong enough to withstand that. After all, she and Bea kept all their secrets and hers has been the lone voice siding with them as they fell out with the family,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

As of late, there’s no indication that Prince Harry and Markle froze Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie out. And it seems they don’t have any reason to do so.

After all, the royal siblings don’t have anything to do with Prince Andrew’s sexual abuse lawsuit.

This isn’t the first time that the Sussexes were rumored to have frozen Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie out.

Last year, one tabloid claimed that Prince Harry and Markle cut ties with Princess Eugenie after realizing that she’s no longer an asset to them. However, this isn’t also true.