Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Spotted Wearing Wedding Ring Despite Anniversary Apart from Ben Affleck

Despite being miles apart on their wedding anniversary, Jennifer Lopez was seen wearing her wedding ring during a bike ride in the Hamptons, suggesting that the couple may still hold hope for their relationship. On the same day that marked their anniversary, the 54-year-old singer and actress was spotted pedaling solo through the upscale seaside community, accompanied by her manager, Benny Medina.
Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez Allegedly Upset Jennifer Garner After They Purchased A $67M Mansion In Bel-Air

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's Future Uncertain Amid Separate Paths, Hopeful Reconciliation

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are reportedly navigating a challenging period in their marriage, focusing on individual pursuits this summer amid swirling rumors of a possible divorce. Despite the current turbulence, insiders hint at a "sliver of hope" for the couple's future, with reconciliation still on the horizon as they approach their second wedding anniversary.
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