Prince William and Kate Middleton previously said that they want to tell Prince George about his future role as king when he’s much older.

But in its Jan. 24 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that the day has finally come and it coincidentally fell on the same day that Middleton’s birthday portrait was taken.

A source claimed that Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis were there while Middleton’s photos were being taken. And the two older Cambridge kids couldn’t help but wonder why their mom was being photographed.

The insider claimed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge saw this as the perfect opportunity to tell their children that their family is unlike other families in the United Kingdom and across the world.

“When they told the kids that Kate will be queen someday, just like Gan-Gan, they were excited, especially George. He knows he’s going to be king one day, so to know his mom has the same sort of future seemed to reassure him,” the source said.

To make the day more memorable, Prince William allegedly exerted the most romantic efforts for his wife. After all, the second in line to the throne wanted to make sure that Middleton’s most genuine smiles will be captured by the photographer.

In the end, Middleton’s 40th birthday portrait came out nicely. And there are reports that the photos will be included in the National Portrait Gallery’s roster of snaps.

“Wills is just so grateful to Kate and how incredible she is as a royal, a wife, and a mother. She was reticent to make such a fuss but he pushed her into it and made it a fairytale day from start to finish. He personally asked the queen to loan her a favorite pair of earrings and also presented Kate with Diana’s pearl earrings on the day,” the source said.

Middleton was allegedly touched by all of Prince William’s efforts. And she’s even more thrilled with how her portraits looked in the end.

However, there’s still no proof that Middleton and Prince William already told Prince George and Princess Charlotte about their future as members of the royal family.

And it doesn’t make sense for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to share this news with their children during such a fun and casual moment in their lives.