Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are allegedly doing everything that they can to help save their troubled relationship.

In its Jan. 24 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that the couple is planning to have a baby via a surrogate.

Lopez and Affleck wanted to keep their baby plans a secret, but their cover was blown after they were allegedly photographed buying stuff for their unborn child.

“All these signs were there before his baby book bounty. He and Jen are in an exciting bubble right now and are only open to their inner circle. They’ve stopped talking openly about starting a family. It’s a sure sign something’s happened. They had everything in place months ago and have been looking for a surrogate for a while now,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Lopez’s twins, Max and Emme, who are now 13 years old are both excited at the thought of becoming big siblings to their baby brother and sister.

And the same can be said about Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s three kids, Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel.

This isn’t the first time that Lopez and Affleck were rumored to be trying for a baby and hiring a surrogate.

Last month, the same tabloid claimed that the couple was determined to expand their family. And Lopez has also allegedly been asking her close friends like Kim Kardashian and Sarah Jessica Parker for tips when it comes to her surrogate.

“Jennifer is quite close with Kim Kardashian and Sarah Jessica Parker, who have both had children via surrogate and are happy to help them navigate the process. Make no mistake, Jen and Ben will be together forever. They never stopped loving each other. The only thing that would make this happy picture complete is the child they’ve always longed for, and they’ll stop at nothing to achieve it,” the source said.

But if it’s true that Lopez and Affleck are hiring a surrogate and planning to expand their family, the news will most likely come from reliable sources and not from tabloids.

Lopez and Affleck have also been very open when it comes to their relationship. So, there’s no reason for them to hide such a happy milestone in their relationship.

In the past, there were also claimed that Lopez and Affleck were already engaged and that they are already planning to tie the knot.