Queen Elizabeth allegedly gave Kate Middleton a sweet birthday surprise earlier this month to mark the Duchess of Cambridge’s 40th birthday.

In its Jan. 24 issue, New Idea claimed that the queen surprised Middleton with several pieces of jewelry from her private collection.

“Her Majesty was extremely generous on Kate’s birthday and gifted her with some jewels from her private collection, which we’ll no doubt see her wearing at special occasions in the near future. But there was one very special diamond set that brought tears to Kate’s eyes – the Coronation necklace and earrings,” the source said.

The insider said that the queen gave Middleton the special jewelry set in private. And during their conversation, the monarch asked the Duchess of Cambridge to wear the jewelry when Prince William ascends the throne.

“It is very dear to the queen who wore it at her own coronation, as did her mom, the Queen Mother, and her grandmother, Queen Mary, when their husbands became king. The queen told Kate it’s only right that she is the next queen to wear them,” the source said.

Even before Middleton turned 40 on Jan. 9, there were already predictions suggesting that she will most likely receive a special present from Her Majesty.

Other than the jewelry set, Middleton also posed for her 40th birthday portrait that was taken by Paolo Roversi. The portrait will reportedly be included as part of the permanent collection at the National Portrait Gallery of which Prince William’s wife is a patron.

“These pictures show that Kate has independence of thought and style and that she has come of age. The message of these is to project her as a future Princess of Wales and eventually queen,” Dampier said.

As of late, there’s no proof that the queen gifted Middleton with jewelry from her personal collection. And it’s not also true that the queen spoke to Middleton in private and gave her instructions regarding Prince William’s coronation.

Since the queen and Middleton’s conversation allegedly took place in private, there’s no way for the tabloid to get details of their conversation.

As of late, it’s still unclear what Prince William and the other members of the royal family gave Middleton on her birthday. But some royal experts are convinced that the future king surprised his wife with a special birthday dinner with their kids.