Jennifer Aniston is, allegedly, adopting a baby girl this year.

In its Jan. 24 issue, Life & Style claimed that Aniston has always wanted to become a mom. However, she never had the opportunity to conceive her own child while she was married to Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux.

Now that Aniston is already in her 50s, it’s impossible for her to become pregnant. So, the Friends star has allegedly been looking for other options so that she could still have a baby despite her age.

A source claimed that Aniston has been trying to adopt a baby girl for the past 18 months. And her efforts are finally paying off.

“She’s deep into the process of looking into adoption. She’s spent about 18 months on this journey so far. After all these years, she feels this is her chance to be a mother at last,” the source said.

The source also claimed that Aniston has already been thinking of baby names to give her daughter. One of her options for a name is Stella, which means star.

“Jen’s just about ready to pull the trigger. She’s gone back and forth on making the decision. She’s been close to adopting before,” the source said.

In order to help her feel more at ease with her decision to adopt a baby, Aniston has also been leaning on her friend, Sandra Bullock. The latter also adopted a baby girl before, and the actress reminded Aniston that it’s never too late to have a child.

Aniston has also been leaning on her best friend, Courteney Cox, whose daughter, Coco Arquette happens to be her goddaughter.

In the end, friends of Aniston are supporting her decision to adopt a baby. But they are also hoping that The Morning Show star won’t get cold feet. After all, they know that she’s meant to be a mom and she also deserves the opportunity to be able to adopt a baby.

This isn’t the first time that Aniston was rumored to be adopting a baby.

Last year, there were claims that the actress leaned on her ex-husband, Pitt for support.

On another occasion, one publication claimed that Pitt also agreed to adopt a baby with Aniston so that they could raise the infant together.

However, none of these claims were ever proven to be accurate. As of late, Aniston has no plans to adopt a baby.