The Bachelorette just ended a few weeks ago but there is already a slew of controversies surrounding Michelle Young’s choice of life partner.

In its Jan. 17 issue, Star claimed that after the reality TV show wrapped up, Young realized that she indeed made the wrong choice. After all, Nayte Olukoya promised to move to Minnesota with her, but he told her after filming that he needs to stay in Texas.

“He claimed that he would definitely move to Minnesota for her, but now he’s making excuses about why he has to stay in Texas a little longer. Michelle’s left wondering if she should’ve chosen Brandon since his love for her never wavered,” the source said.

The source added that Young couldn’t help but worry about the possibility that she could get heartbroken in the end because she made the wrong choice.

“Michelle’s worried she’s going to wind up with a broken heart after ignoring Nayte’s red flags. But she made a commitment and she intends to stick with it – for now,” the source said.

There are also predictions claiming that Young might eventually decide to date Brandon if her engagement to Olukoya doesn’t work out. And this isn’t the first time that this would happen.

After all, some former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants have called it quits only to date someone else from the Bachelor Nation.

However, there is no truth to the rumors that Young and Olukoya’s engagement won’t last. After all, the couple couldn’t be happier and more in love with each other after they wrapped up filming.

On her Instagram account, the school teacher shared a photo of herself with Olukoya while ringing in the New Year. The snap shows the couple smiling from ear to ear.

Young declared that she just hit the jackpot with her fiancé. This proves that the couple is still very much in love and happy.

There’s also no proof that Olukoya won’t live up to his promise to Young that he would move to Minnesota for her. Since Young has a job in Minnesota and Olukoya is doing some freelance work, it just makes more sense for the latter to be the one to move.

It’s obvious that the tabloid is just speculating on the couple’s relationship and assuming that they are already having problems even when they’re not.