Camilla Parker Bowles was recently accused of being a jealous wife.

In its Jan. 17 issue, New Idea claimed that the Duchess of Cornwall has always felt uncomfortable when it comes to Prince Charles’ close relationship with actress Judi Dench.

Even though the heir to the throne and Dench are nothing more than friends, Camilla is still irked by their closeness. So, the future queen consort allegedly confronted the actress.

“Charles is pretty open with the fact he thinks Judi is the cream of the British acting crop and he’s proud to say they’ve been close for years. Charles is always going on about how marvelous she is to anyone who’ll listen, including Camilla, which really irks her,” the source said.

The source then said that Camilla has always been the jealous type so it’s highly likely for her to want to confront the British actress. This contradicts the headline that says that Camilla already confronted Dench.

With this, the unnamed source continued to speculate about Dench and Camilla’s alleged conversation. They said that if the Duchess of Cornwall would talk to Dench about Prince Charles, the actress would most likely think that she’s hilarious.

“That would surely have put Camilla back in her box, and know it’s all smoothed over. Charles continues to admire Judi loudly and that will never change, but at least now Camilla knows it’s all totally innocent,” the source said.

It’s unclear why Prince Charles and Dench’s friendship is suddenly making headlines because the two have not been photographed together recently. It’s also unclear where the rumors that the Duchess of Cornwall is a jealous wife came from.

Throughout the years, Prince Charles and Camilla have proven that they are a solid unit and that they love each other to the core. In fact, the future king even chose Camilla over his ex-wife, Princess Diana and their affair became one of the biggest controversies of the royal family.

So, the fact that Prince Charles and Camilla have been together for years and that they have also weathered the storm, it seems unlikely for the latter to have reasons to be jealous of Prince Charles’ friendships with other women.

And if Prince Charles wanted to have an affair or flirt with other women, he would’ve already done it a long time ago.