Former CNN Chris Cuomo and his ex-colleague "close brother" Don Lemon are reportedly feuding and have stopped talking to each other after the shocking allegations made rounds around the internet.

Chris Cuomo was fired by CNN late last year after his sexual misconduct scandal and admitted that he lied to help his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, with another sexual assault issue.

The National Enquirer reported that the 52 years old broadcaster was disappointed in Lemon as he thought he would defend him amid his issue.

The magazine labeled the two "as close as brothers," but they now ended their personal ties because of the matter.

Even though Cuomo became Lemon's "mentor" throughout his work in CNN, the latter reportedly refused to defend his peer so his career wouldn't "blow up."

An insider details how the interaction went, saying the situation was "a slap in the face for Chris."

In the past, Cuomo "was even there" when Lemon came out as a gay man and also when he faced another issue in court.

Per the magazine, Lemon was criticized online after reporting on the conviction of Jussie Smollett for faking a hate crime.

The broadcaster reportedly did not mention that the actor testified in court in the past.

"It infuriates Chris that Don abandoned him, especially since he's been accused of the same things that got him fired." the source added.

Cuomo, Lemon's Feud Rumors: Is It Ture?

Suggest debunked the claims by saying both issues faced by the two anchors were not the same thing.


The outlet noted that Lemon did not help Smollett with the allegations he faced in court, but Cuomo did it with his brother's sexual assault case.

In addition, the outlet also clarified that Cuomo was not fired from the media giant over the "sexual misconduct allegations," but instead, he was suspended because of his actions that helped his brother.

Furthermore, the two colleagues indeed spent a good time together while working, and they even hosted a podcast titled "The Handoff."

However, Lemon has stopped mentioning Cuomo in recent months due to his actions. The outlet noted that it could possibly be because he respects his former colleague.