Some recent reports claimed Prince Charles has a secret brother who said Prince Philip was his father. 

The British royal family is being shaken with reports that Prince Philip had a World War II-era affair with a Nazi soldier's German wife. 

In "Tommy Boy," a 2005 book written by engineer Gunther Focke, he wrote about all the lasting harsh insults of other youngsters as he grew up in a post-war Germany as the illegitimate love child of a married German barmaid and a British officer. They would subsequently marry Queen Elizabeth II, the future monarch of the United Kingdom. 

Gunther was supposedly recognized as Prince Philip's first-born son rather than Prince Charles after discovering his real father. 

Buckingham Palace, on the other hand, issued menacing threats.

The now 75-year-old German, two years older than the Prince of Wales, said, "I don't want to hurt the royal family." 

"But I need some sense of closure and I won't get it until Prince Philip admits he's my father."

The likeness between Gunther and Prince Charles is "impossible to ignore," according to Radar Online, which analyzed photos of the two.

"I even have the same ears as him. I don't think anyone could doubt my claims once they see these photos," pointed out Gunther. 

Gunther said that Buckingham Palace will not assist with the DNA proof. 

Prince Philip supposedly has had multiple girlfriends throughout his marriage to Her Majesty and allegedly refuses to hand his purported son a sample.

When the late royal was still alive, Gunther said, "I could get a sample of his hair illicitly. But that would be very unfair because all I want is for him to come out and say he is my father."

In the same book, Gunther Focke disclosed that in 1945, the Queen's husband met and seduced his mum Marie Karoline. 

They supposedly met in Wremen at the Schwanewedel Inn barely 150 yards away from the little dilapidated detached one-story house she called home. 

Prince Philip was the first lieutenant onboard HMS Whelp, a freshly constructed destroyer, at the time. 

The ship's logs demonstrate that the Duke's travels in Europe and the Pacific, and insisted Gunther, gives proof that he did visit Germany on those days that would have coincided with his conception.

"I knew he flew back to Europe and visited Germany at the time my mother got pregnant with me."

Mary Karoline's Nazi soldier husband Herrmann was assumed killed, but that didn't stop her from falling in love with Philip Mountbatten, despite the fact that she already had two kids with him. 

She supposedly became pregnant three more times after the war, but Prince Philip was already wooing the King of England's daughter, unbeknownst to her. 

Reports said that Prince Philip wanted to bring Gunther to England, but Mary Karoline refused. 

Instead, they were receiving food supplies from London, but there is no evidence that the royals were engaged in their delivery. 

Gunther thought that his only choice was to publish a book because his wishes had not come true. 

However, following the Duke's death in April 2021 without disclosing he had a son in Germany, Gunther would never know the truth.