Some reports claimed that Queen Elizabeth has to face more heartbreak at the beginning of 2022, and she is losing hope after his husband Prince Philip's Death.

The Monarch tried harder to cope with Prince Philip's absence, especially when she needed to mark the new year without her husband for the first time.

Before Prince Philip's death, the Queen had the chance to have a "me-time" with him when they remained at Windsor Castle during last year's Christmas and New Year's Eve. Buckingham Palace representative revealed that Her Majesty decided to isolate herself with the Duke of Edinburgh due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Little did she know, it would be the last time she could celebrate the holiday season with him.

The 2022 celebration indeed had an impact on Queen Elizabeth's emotional state, as she and Prince Philip started spending the festivities in Norfolk together in 1988. They eventually invited the royals to Sandringham House in the past years.

As Queen Elizabeth continues to deal with health issues after Prince Philip's death, fans only hope she will feel even better soon.

One source told People that she would miss Prince Philip's companionship, but she remains the very stoic person she is.

"Whatever her private grief is, she wants to get on in as cheerful a way as possible," another insider said.

The Monarch Worked Before New Year

While she should be resting, for now, the Queen still worked on Friday to announce the knighthood for former prime minister Tony Blair.

She personally appointed him as Blair as Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, the most senior order of knighthood. Her Majesty honored him for his support for the 2003 US war in Iraq and other successes like securing peace in Northern Ireland.

"It was a great privilege to serve as prime minister and I would like to thank all those who served alongside me, in politics, public service and all parts of our society, for their dedication and commitment to our country," Blair said.

Queen Elizabeth has been traditionally doing the annual honors to pay tribute to the achievements and contributions Britain's notable people did for the country's different industries like showbiz, sport, and politics.

The Queen's next events and engagements after the December 31 recognition remain unknown.