Prince Andrew has allegedly been causing problems to his mother, Queen Elizabeth, and the British monarchy.

In its Jan. 10 issue, Globe claimed that Prince Andrew is involved in a money scandal where he’s accused of secretly using his position so that his loan applications could be approved.

“This couldn’t come at a worse time for the palace as dying Queen Elizabeth faces her last days. But once again, black sheep Andrew, her favorite son, is breaking her heart,” the source said.

According to reports, the Duke of York received $2 million to pay off a loan. In return, Prince Andrew gave the bank owner direct links and ties to the royal family.

“This stinks. This has all the elements of a scratch my back I’ll scratch your deal. We’ve wondered how Andrew could afford his lavish lifestyle when he’s always had a modest official income. It appears he was financially rewarded for using his royal credentials to provide clients introductions to lucrative opportunities around the world,” the source said.

Reports also revealed that in 2017, the bank approved a $340,000 increase on Prince Andrew’s existing loan so that he could cover his living expenses. His friend also gave him funds to repay his entire loan within just 11 days.

“The word is, ‘Air Miles Andy’ was an unofficial door opener. It’s also said Andrew co-owned a business with them in a secretive Caribbean tax haven to be used to lure the prince’s wealthy royal contacts to invest in a tax-free-offshore fund,” he source said.

On top of this, Prince Andrew was also accused of sexually abusing underage girls decades ago. The Duke of York has since denied the allegations, and he also denied the rumors of a cash strap. However, royal fans do not believe him.

In fact, royal fans couldn’t help but be worried for the queen. After all, the monarch still thinks her son has not done anything wrong. And Prince Andrew is still the queen’s favorite.

So, even if Prince Andrew doesn’t have any contribution to the royal family and he’s not been representing the queen, he would still receive a generous amount from Her Majesty.

According to New Idea, the queen will give Prince Andrew $5 million per year after her passing and it’s going to be tax-free.

However, none of these rumors are true.