Amber Heard is allegedly feeling stressed because of her upcoming court hearing with Johnny Depp in April.

In its Jan. 10 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Heard’s ongoing battle with her ex-husband has taken a toll on her relationship with Bianca Butti. As such, Heard decided to call it quits with the cinematographer.

“Amber isn’t going to back down when it comes to Johnny. She’s consumed with this battle. But between that and all her other responsibilities, it’s really taking a toll,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Heard has been very busy filming for Aquaman 2 in England that’s why she has not seen Butti for quite some time. This, plus the arrival of her new baby made it impossible for the couple to spend quality time together.

“Amber’s been stretched to the limit with all the demands on her. She’s working extremely long hours and doesn’t like to rely on nannies if she can help it. But she’s running on empty – especially since she’s living out of a suitcase half the time,” the source said.

The insider said that there’s no doubt that Heard and Butti loved each other deeply. However, now is just not the right time for the actress to be in a committed relationship. After all, there are just too many things going on in her life right now.

“Amber is going through so much with the court battle. It was really hard for her to be totally available to Bianca. It’s a sad and stressful time for Amber right now, especially with legal bills hitting her hard and knowing her ex has made it his life’s mission to destroy her with everything he’s got,” the source said.

Earlier this month, multiple publications revealed that Heard and Butti already called it quits. And most of them said that the exes’ busy schedule and the fact that they were on different continents was one of the reasons why their love fizzled out, according to Daily Mail.

However, Heard and Butti have not made an official announcement regarding the matter.

As for Heard and Depp’s ongoing court battle, the exes will go head to head in another round and the Pirates of the Caribbean actor hopes that the judge would side with him this time around.

After all, the judge ruled in favor of Heard in November 2020 amid allegations that Depp assaulted his ex-wife.