Ben Affleck’s friends are allegedly upset with him for putting all the blame on Jennifer Garner when it came to their failed marriage.

In its Jan. 10 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Affleck’s closest friends also think that he’s a douchebag for saying that he felt trapped in his marriage to Garner.

The Batman v Superman actor also said that he would still be drinking if he and Garner didn’t get a divorce.

“He comes off as a real douchebag for saying those things about poor Jen when everyone knows it’s not really her fault he was drinking so much. He’ll try to defend his comments and say his words were twisted out of context, but he was on the radio and the audio speaks for itself,” the source said.

The insider also said that the actor’s friends couldn’t believe what he heard because everyone knows that Garner went far beyond what was expected of her to make sure that Affleck was OK.

“He doesn’t seem to have learned anything. He’s still acting like the frat boy he played in Chasing Amy,” the source said.

The insider added that it seems unlikely for Affleck’s girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez to tolerate what he did but the singer stood by the actor’s side in public because that’s what she’s supposed to do.

However, behind closed doors, it’s highly likely for Lopez to have given Affleck an ultimatum to apologize to Garner, or she would leave him.

“No one would be surprised if J.Lo gave him an ultimatum: Apologize to Jen with a serious grand gesture and prove why she should stick with him,” the source said.

As of late, Lopez has not commented on Affleck’s statements about Garner. But multiple sources claimed that Lopez took her boyfriend’s side amid the controversy.

It’s also unlikely for Lopez to give Affleck an ultimatum regarding his comments about Garner because there’s no indication that the two Jennifer are that close.

Additionally, Affleck already apologized for the comments that he made. And the only person who has the right to be upset with him is Garner.

As long as the mom of three accepts Affleck’s apology then everyone else should already let the matter go. After all, The Tender Bar actor explained that his statements were simply taken out of context by the tabloids.