Bob Newhart is not getting any younger. And he allegedly knows he doesn’t have much time left to do what he enjoys doing.

In its Jan. 3 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Newhart wants to make a television comeback but his friends are worried that he might not be able to handle the pressures of Hollywood.

After all, Newhart is already 92 years old and he’s not as strong as he once was. But the actor is determined to return to his beloved craft.

A source also claimed that Newhart’s health is not that great anymore so he has friends that check up on him on a regular basis.

“He has friends that come by often and check on him, and he’s always got a joke that he wants to run by them. He may look like a ghost, but he hasn’t lost his sense of humor,” the source said.

Newhart’s family and friends are also, allegedly, worried about how he’ll do on stage if he gets the opportunity to perform again. But the actor has been telling them not to worry because he just wants to get out on his own terms.

“Bob doesn’t have much more time, but he’s practicing jokes in his usual deadpan delivery with the classic stammer, and he thinks his new act will be a hit. The pandemic has been tortured because he’s not used to sitting at home doing very little. But he took the time to watch some of the old routines and that kickstarted this plan. People just hope he doesn’t fall overdoing it,” the source said.

While it is true that Newhart is not getting any younger, it’s quite rude to say that he looks like a ghost. It’s just normal for older people to look much different compared to when they were younger but this doesn’t mean that he already looks like a ghost.

And it’s not also true that Newhart believes he doesn’t long to live. Even though he’s already 92 years old, he could live for a couple more years.

The actor has not also expressed any desire to return to acting. And now might not be a good time for him to do so because of the pandemic.

One of Newhart’s last stints on television was in the Big Bang Theory a few years back.