Courteney Cox has allegedly become obsessed with her appearance since she started dating Johnny McDaid.

Since the musician is much younger than Cox, the latter has been stressing herself so that she could keep up with him.

But fans of the Friends star became concerned when they saw how different she looks these days. And most of them said that Cox looks better before she underwent Botox and other facial treatments.

“It’s like she’s become obsessed with her appearance and it’s gotten worse over the pandemic. There’s a lot of competition in Hollywood, plus Johnny is much younger than she is and that’s only fed her insecurities,” the source told the OK! magazine in its Jan. 3 issue. 

The insider added that Cox’s friends are also concerned because they don’t want the actress to regret the procedures she has undergone later on.

“They see this as a cry for help. They’re telling her to embrace her natural beauty before she gets to the point of no return,” the source said.

Last week, Cox was also at the center of rumors regarding her relationship with her ex-husband, David Arquette.

One publication claimed that the exes couldn’t be more thrilled to be working together in the upcoming movie, Screams.

However, McDaid isn’t allegedly thrilled that his girlfriend is teaming up with her ex-husband because he’s worried that the exes would fall in love with each other again.

Cox and Arquette’s 17-year-old daughter, Coco is also allegedly rooting for her parents to get back together. And this has left McDaid feeling even more concerned.

However, there is no truth to both of these claims. Cox and Arquette are just co-parents to Coco and they are also co-stars in the movie, Scream. There is no indication that they are still interested in getting back together.

It is also important to note that Arquette is now married to his second wife. And they also have children together.

And when it comes to claims that Cox is obsessed with plastic surgery and Botox, this isn’t true. If it is, fans wouldn’t be surprised to see the changes in the actress’s face because it happens regularly.

It’s possible that Cox recently underwent Botox and there’s nothing wrong with this.

But it’s not true that she’s obsessed with getting the procedure or that she’s trying to look young for McDaid.