Kate Middleton and Prince William have been married for 11 years, and it seems a breeze.

Even though it’s highly likely for Middleton and Prince William to also have some issues, royal fans never noticed signs of tension from the couple.

In fact, body language expert Jordan Paramor recently analyzed the couple’s photos and explained what their gestures and looks really say about their marriage.

According to Paramor, Middleton touching Prince William’s back when they’re out in public suggests that she will always support him.

“By gently placing her hand on his back, she is letting him know that she is there for him, and it is an obvious sign of huge affection and love. William is reciprocating and showing his gratitude by turning his head towards her and acknowledging that she is offering him comfort in what probably feels like an overwhelming situation,” he told Woman UK.

There was also one instance wherein Middleton was photographed staring at her husband while he’s talking to other people. This body language reportedly suggests that the Duchess of Cambridge is still besotted with Prince William.

“Kate has a sweet, dreamlike look in her eyes, which you would expect to see in a besotted teenager rather than someone who has been with their partner for so many years. She is hanging on his every word with her encouraging, fixed gaze,” he said.

Paramor added that it’s obvious that Middleton is still madly in love with Prince William. And he most likely feels the same way about him.

The Duke of Cambridge is also, reportedly, very protective of his wife. Even though he knows that Middleton can take care of herself, he still makes it point to lead their relationship.

“William is the confident alpha male, while Kate is happy to fulfill the role of supporting wife,” the body language expert said.

Meanwhile, Prince William and Middleton also made headlines this week after eagle-eyed royal fans noticed just how smitten they are with each other.

The couple attended a carol service that will be aired on ITV on Christmas Eve. And the teaser shows Ellie Goulding performing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.”

At the end of the teaser, Prince William and Middleton looked at each other and smiled.

The gesture drew similarities from the couple’s 2011 wedding when they also looked at each other and smiled sweetly in front of the cameras.