Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson have a unique relationship.

Even though it’s been years since the exes divorced, they still act as though they are married to each other.

Multiple sources confirmed that Prince Andrew and Ferguson live in the same house. And they also do what most married couples do.

However, they never considered tying the knot again because of Prince Philip. The latter didn’t reportedly approve of Fergie so he was thrilled when he found out that the Yorks decided to call it quits.

But now that Prince Philip is no longer around, there are rumors that Prince Andrew and Ferguson are thinking about tying the knot again.

In its Jan. 3 issue, Woman UK claimed that the Duke and Duchess of York have Queen Elizabeth’s support.

“It is said even the queen is on board with the idea of them tying the knot again now that the obstacle of Philip’s disapproval has disappeared,” the source said.

The queen has also been dropping signs that she and Fergie are on good terms.

Her Majesty invited Fergie to her private estate in Balmoral to spend the summer with her. At the time, Prince Andrew was also photographed arriving in Balmoral, which meant that the Yorks spent several days there.

According to the source, it is possible for Prince Andrew and Fergie to have informed the queen about their plans to tie the knot again. And if they didn’t get her approval, they wouldn’t push through with it.

But to their surprise, the monarch said yes. However, she also urged the exes to keep their plans as low-key as possible. After all, Prince Andrew is still facing a major controversy after he was accused of sexually abusing underage girls.

Fergie and the queen’s relationship improved further after the former welcomed her two grandchildren, August and Sienna. Since the queen is close to Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, the sisters always visit their grandmother at Windsor Castle, and they also bring their children there.

The Duchess of York is close to her grandkids, who adore her. So, it’s possible for the queen and Fergie to always be around each other because of August and Sienna.

However, Fergie and Prince Andrew have not said anything when it comes to their wedding plans. So, it’s still possible that these are just based on rumors and should therefore be taken with a grain of salt.