Jennifer Aniston recently sat down for a candid interview where she talked about the recent Friends reunion, as well as some of the controversies that she faced as an actress.

Years ago, Aniston announced her divorce from Brad Pitt. Immediately after, publications speculated on the real reason for their breakup.

Some of them cruelly said that Aniston didn’t want to get pregnant with Pitt’s baby that’s why the latter called it quits with her.

Others also accused Aniston of prioritizing her career over her marriage that’s why she and Pitt couldn’t conceive a child.

At the time, Aniston already responded to the rumors by saying that it’s quite offensive to be accused of not wanting to become a mom. After all, it’s one of her biggest dreams in life.

Years later, Aniston once again opened up about the pregnancy rumors and said that the public do not have any idea what’s going on with her medically that prevented her from getting pregnant.

Aniston did not elaborate, but eagle-eyed fans were quick to assume that the actress is going through some health issues that made it impossible for her to get pregnant.

However, it’s unclear if Aniston is still dealing with their health problems because even if she’s not, she can no longer bear a child because of her age.

In 2016, The Morning Show actress confessed that she’s been addicted to eye drops to the point that they trigged her chronic health issues.

While speaking with Marie Claire, Aniston said that she thought her eyes were just sensitive because it seemed as though she always had allergies. But then it got a bit worse to the point that it became difficult for her to read her scripts.

The actress had her eyes checked and she found out that she has a dry eye condition, which is treatable.

“I learned that I had been wrong all this time. It’s a diagnosable condition, which was shocking to me because I thought I knew a ton about wellness in general because I’m such a wellness freak—but I was so surprised and relieved to find out that it’s a real condition and that you could remedy it,” she said.

Other than this, Aniston has not opened up about any other health issues. And if she dealt with fertility problems, it’s not something that she has discussed in public.