Queen Elizabeth is allegedly seething at Prince William after the latter confessed that he has been diagnosed with depression.

In its Dec. 27 issue, Globe claimed that the queen is aware that a lot of her relatives struggle with their mental health. but she doesn’t like the fact that even Prince William had to come clean about his depression when no one asked him in the first place.

“The queen is furious. Her mantra is 'never complain, never explain.' She believes these issues should be handled within the family. She’s aware mental illness runs in the family like ‘madman’ King George III, Queen Victoria, who locked herself away, and many more. She doesn’t need her grandsons drawing attention to it when the monarchy is in crisis,” the source said.

The insider added that the queen is worried about the future of the monarchy because Prince William’s recent admission suggests that he may not be fit to be king.

“With Her Majesty facing her final days and no one wanting Charles to become king for so long, she expected William to be the royal lifesaver. But his depression confession has thrown a wrench into the 95-year-old monarch’s plans. His decision to shine a light on mental health has backfired. Now his own emotional stability and future are under scrutiny,” the source said.

However, it is important to note that Prince William never confessed that he’s suffering from depression. Instead, he revealed how his work as an air ambulance helicopter pilot triggered some of his ongoing struggles.

The Duke of Cambridge said that his life was forever changed after he and his team tended to a young boy that got into an accident. The young boy is around Prince George’s age.

When he got home that night, he realized how lonely he felt and he never recovered from it. So, the second in line to the throne eventually decided to quit his job and just focus on his work as a senior royal.

However, nowhere in the interview did the dad of three say that he’s depressed or that he’s been diagnosed with depression.

And even if he’s depressed, it’s unlikely for the queen to be furious at Prince William for sharing his diagnosis with the entire world. The monarch’s personal mantra is 'never complain, never explain,' but this doesn’t mean that she has banned her relatives from speaking up.