Prince Harry and Doria Ragland used to be closed. But their relationship allegedly changed shortly after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had kids.

In its Dec. 27 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that Prince Harry doesn’t like the fact that Ragland is always in their house.

At first, his mother-in-law would just visit her grandchildren in Montecito and after spending a few hours with them, she would go back to her house.

But in recent months, Ragland has been spending more and more time at Prince Harry and Markle’s home. And there are some instances wherein she sleeps at the Sussexes house for several days straight.

However, this isn’t Prince Harry’s biggest issue when it comes to Ragland. Rather, he doesn’t like how she’s so involved in raising Archie and Lilibet.

“Meghan is very close with her mom. They’re like a little two against one when it comes to everything from how to run the house to how to raise Archie and Lilibet. Harry can barely get a word in and it’s driving him nuts,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Prince Harry knows that his mother-in-law is a wonderful person. But there are times when he just wants to hang out with Archie and Lilibet just the three of them.

“Doria is a wonderful woman, but he just wants some alone time with his wife and kids. Doria also doesn’t tolerate Harry’s bad moods or privileged whining, which causes tension. He never says anything, but it gets on his nerves,” the source said.

This isn’t the first time that Prince Harry and Ragland were rumored to be at odds with each other.

Shortly after the couple tied the knot, there were similar claims about Ragland always spending time with her daughter.

A source claimed at the time that Prince Harry wants to spend quality time with his wife, but Ragland is making it impossible because she’s always lurking around.

However, the tabloid’s claims are obviously baseless and are only based on speculations. Ragland has not been photographed at Prince Harry and Markle’s home or even in Beverly Hills where the couple resides.

It’s possible for the former yoga instructor to visit the Sussexes in Montecito for the holidays, but Ragland won’t stay with the couple and her grandchildren for months.

After all, Markle is already an adult. And regardless of how close she is with her mom, she now has a family of her own.