Princess Anne allegedly adores Princess Charlotte so much to the point that she wants to pass her Princess Royal title to her immediately.

In its Dec. 20 issue, New Idea claimed that Princess Anne spoke with Prince William and asked the latter if she could already pass the title to Princess Charlotte.

Even though Princess Anne knows that Princess Charlotte is still too young to receive such an important title, she doesn’t want the 6-year-old to wait just like what she did decades ago.

Princess Anne has allegedly taken a liking for Princess Charlotte because they share the same passion for horses. So, the senior working royal offered to teach Princess Charlotte some tips and tricks on how to ride her horses.

At one point, Princess Charlotte allegedly called Princess Anne her hero that’s why Queen Elizabeth’s only daughter fell in love with Princess Charlotte even more.

“Charlotte told Anne last year that she’s her hero. It was very sweet, and Anne, who’s usually quite brusque, was quietly chuffed. Anne offered to give her some riding lessons. She’s very impressed at the early talent Charlotte’s showing in the saddle and thinks there could be something there for her. Since then, Anne has taken a special interest in Charlotte, and it’s obvious she feels an emotional tie to her great-niece since they share the similarity of being the second-born child and first-born daughter of a monarch,” the source said.

This is not the first time that Princess Charlotte was rumored to be receiving the Princess Royal title. Since she’s the only daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton, it seems only fitting for her to be called Princess Royal when she’s much older.

But even if Princess Anne adores Princess Charlotte so much, it’s not possible for the youngster to receive a royal title this very early on. After all, she’s just a kid and her parents are trying to raise her and her siblings as normal as possible.

In the same manner, if Princess Charlotte will already be given the title of Princess Royal, this means that Prince George should also be entitled to be called Duke of Cambridge. However, his dad is still alive, and he’s the one that holds this title.

Princess Anne is still alive, and it’s not up to her to decide when her title should be passed on and who should receive it.