Prince Harry is allegedly targeting his brother, Prince William in his new memoir.

In its Dec. 27 issue, New Idea claimed that Prince Harry’s publisher advised him to unveil a new story in his memoir. Since royal fans already know so much about his feud with Prince William, he’s expected to shed light on something that could damage the future king.

A source claimed that Prince Harry’s memoir will discuss Prince William and Rose Hanbury’s affair that first made headlines three years ago. At the time, Prince William did not respond to the rumors, so no one knows for sure if the affair happened or not.

“It absolutely wasn’t true and press officers were aggressive in having the story killed. Harry was enraged by that, as he felt they weren’t defending negative stories about Meghan with anywhere near as much vigor. Harry also wants to get out his frustrations about how William didn’t warmly welcome Meghan into the fold. William is definitely dreading this memoir’s release,” the source said.

In July, Prince Harry announced that he will be releasing a memoir. In his statement, the Duke of Sussex said that the book will focus on his experiences growing up as a royal, as well as the challenges and struggles that he faced throughout his life.

However, there is no mention that Prince Harry’s memoir will focus on his relationship with Prince William or even on the latter’s alleged affair. After all, the memoir is Prince Harry’s and not his older brother’s.

As for Prince William and Hanbury’s affair rumors, there’s also no truth to the claims. In fact, the allegations just died down naturally after the future king’s lawyer released a statement saying that if the rumors continue to circulate online, they will be forced to take legal action.

Speculations regarding Prince William and Hanbury’s affair started out of nowhere. The two used to be close friends, and Middleton was also close to Hanbury and her husband.

After the rumors made headlines, Hanbury was photographed without her wedding ring. And this sparked more speculations that she could indeed be having an affair with Prince William.

However, this is one of the tabloid’s ways of trying to destroy the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s happy marriage. The couple just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary earlier this year, and there’s no indication that they are having problems.