Adele was recently accused of being a diva because of her outrageous demands.

In its Dec. 20 issue, Woman’s Day claimed Adele is excited about her Las Vegas residency. But before she kicks off the show, the singer first has a string of outrageous demands.

A source claimed that Adele doesn’t want those behind her Las Vegas residency to book a cheap hotel. Instead, she’s eyeing a $36,000 per night hotel at the heart of Sin City.

Adele doesn’t also want to ride just about any car on her way to her concert venue and back to her hotel. Rather, she wants to hire a limousine that would have 100 bottles of carbonated water, chamomile, honey tea, and red wine.

Since the singer is currently on a diet, she wants to make sure that she would have a chef in tow to help customize her meals.

“Adele has asked for a private chef and assistants to be on hand whenever she needs something," the source said.

The singer's family and friends allegedly think that she's fun and easy to be around. But the singer also knows what she wants and won't settle for anything less. 

And since she plans to give her Las Vegas residency her all, she wants everything around her and behind the scenes to also run smoothly. 

Life & Style published a similar story about Adele and her outrageous demands.

The tabloid claimed that Adele has never shied away from asking for whatever it is that she wants. A source said that the “Easy on Me” singer wants to stay at a villa that has a going rate of $12,000 per night.

In 2016, Adele was also accused of being a diva for asking hotel staff to get her pizza from a far-off location instead of just eating the one they had at their restaurant.

Since the restaurant that she wanted to get the pizza from was four hours away from her hotel when the staff returned Adele was already fast asleep and the pizza went to waste.

The next day, Adele allegedly refused to pay for the pizza.

It was also revealed that Adele knows that she’s being called a diva. In fact, she previously teased herself in front of millions of her fans during a concert when she asked staff for hot honey and chamomile tea.

Shortly after, the singer joked that she’s not a diva because fans just saw her making weird requests.