Sarah Jessica Parker’s highly-anticipated comeback in the Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That… didn’t happen without any surprises.

In its Dec. 18 issue, Heat UK claimed that early on, the cast and crew agreed that one character should be killed off in the reboot to make the story more captivating for viewers.

A source said that the writers and creators decided to kill off Big (Chris Noth) even though he’s Carrie Bradshaw’s (Parker) partner in the show.

If it were up to Parker, she wouldn’t have wanted to see Big killed off, but she had no choice but to accept her partner’s tragic fate.

“But that doesn’t mean it was easy for anyone, especially Sarah, who’s so close to Chris Noth and wasn’t sure how she felt about Carrie being alone again after all she’s been through with Big and their characters’ journey together. Filming those final scenes was tough and Sarah, especially, was emotionally drained. Although she thinks it’s good for the series to see how Carrie copes, saying goodbye to Big was something she never wanted to do,” the source said.

But even if Big will be killed off, Parker is allegedly confident that the fans of Sex and the City would love how this storyline is written in the show.

“Lots of fans will be sad that Carrie’s great love has died, but the new series will show a different and stronger side to her. The show had to change and move on, and Sarah knows fans won’t be disappointed as the series progresses,” the source said.

Other than Big’s death in And Just Like That… Sex and the City are also making headlines after former cast member Kim Cattrall seemingly liked tweets about her decision to not take part in the reboot.

Three years ago, Cattrall shocked the world when she revealed that she was never friends with her Sex and the City co-stars. She also said that she and Parker had a major falling out.

In the reboot, it was revealed that Samantha Jones is still alive. But she was unable to reunite with her friends in New York because she’s residing in London following a dispute with Carrie.

Cattrall also liked a fan post saying that they are boycotting the reboot to watch the actress’s other show because they are such big fans, according to BuzzFeed.