Prince Harry allegedly decided to celebrate Christmas in the United Kingdom. And he doesn’t care if Meghan Markle and his children would join him.

In its Dec. 20 issue, New Idea claimed that Prince Harry has been following Markle’s orders for over three years now. And he realized that it’s time to take his own feelings into consideration.

Since Queen Elizabeth recently suffered a series of health scares in recent weeks, Prince Harry realized even more that he has all the right to return home for the holidays.

A source said that Prince Harry is secretly worried that this could the queen’s last Christmas. And he wants to make it as memorable for his grandmother as possible.

Even though the Duke of Sussex wants Markle and his children to join him when he returns home, he understands that a cold Christmas in the United Kingdom is not what his wife wants.

So, even if his wife and children won’t join him on his trip, Prince Harry will still, allegedly, push through with his plans.

But of course, having his entire family with him on Christmas Day would be what’s best for Prince Harry and the royal family. After all, it would be Archie and Lili’s first Christmas in the United Kingdom.

“t’s barely cold enough for hot chocolate by the fire in Santa Barbara, and Harry thinks Archie, particularly, given he’s old enough to understand some of what’s happening, will absolutely love it. If he goes home, he’ll want to bring the kids – with or without Meghan,” the source said.

The insider also said that Christmas in Santa Barbara has never made Prince Harry feel at home even though this year would’ve been his second celebration there.

However, royal fans already know that Prince Harry and Markle will be celebrating Christmas in the United States. The couple doesn’t have any plans to celebrate Christmas in the United Kingdom and it’s unlikely for them to celebrate the occasion apart.

Prince Harry and Markle have two children and it would be their daughter’s first Christmas so the couple would want to mark this special occasion together.

As for the queen, she reportedly invited Prince Harry and Markle to join the rest of the royal family in Sandringham. But the Duke and Duchess of Sussex politely declined her invitation.