Brad Pitt and Sharon Stone used to be close friends. In fact, there were rumors that the two could’ve become boyfriend and girlfriend if life as they knew it didn’t happen.

In its Dec. 13 issue, New Idea claimed that Pitt and Stone were forced to end whatever was going on between them because of Angelina Jolie.

When Pitt and Jolie started dating, the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor became compelled to focus all his attention on Jolie. After all, the actress was allegedly jealous of Stone.

But after Pitt and Jolie divorced, the former allegedly decided to reach out to Stone to try and see if they still have some spark. To his surprise, their connection was still palpable.

According to the source, Pitt and Stone have been hanging out frequently. However, they still haven’t labeled themselves a couple.

“Sharon wouldn’t go so far as to call themselves a couple yet, since they’re both enjoying the freedom of being single, but both of them privately admit that it does mean something and they’re interested in seeing where this goes,” the source said.

Friends of Pitt and Stone are allegedly rooting for them. Since they both have had their fair share of heartbreaks, those close to Pitt and Stone know that they deserve to be happy. And they think that the A-listers will be happiest if they eventually become a couple.

After all, Pitt is already going through so much because of his ongoing custody battle with Jolie.

According to Woman’s Day, the actor just found out that he will be celebrating Christmas by himself and has made him feel even more emotional.

A source alleged that Pitt wanted to celebrate the holidays with his three youngest children just like last year. However, his daughter Shiloh has already been influenced by her brothers, Maddox and Pax.

Shiloh allegedly told Pitt that she wants to celebrate Christmas with her mom and siblings. And since Shiloh is at an age where her thoughts and emotions are already taken into consideration, Pitt was unable to do anything about it.

So, on Christmas Day, Pitt will celebrate the holidays in Missouri with his parents, Jane and Bill Pitt, who are also dying to reunite with their grandchildren.

Unfortunately, this reunion won’t happen until Pitt and Jolie resolve their issues.