Jennifer Garner has allegedly been struggling because she regularly sees her ex-husband Ben Affleck’s relationship with Jennifer Lopez play out in the press. Even though the mom of three has already moved on from Affleck, there are still times when she feels hurt because their marriage didn’t work out.

In its Dec. 15 issue, Closer UK claimed that Garner is grateful to have Jennifer Aniston in her life because the latter helps her deal with her emotions. Aniston also knows what it’s like to see an ex with another woman because Brad Pitt dated Angelina Jolie shortly after they split.

“Jen has helped Jennifer to process it all, encouraging her to seek therapy like she did and helping her to not torture herself by dwelling on the past. She’s also urged her to meditate to get into a calming state of mind. She’s told Jennifer to call her whenever she feels frustrated or just wants to cry. Jennifer’s really appreciated having Jen there to vent when she needs,” the source said.

The source also said that Aniston is encouraging Garner to get back into the dating scene because she also plans to get herself out there.

“Jennifer has been so touched by Jen’s support and feels closer and connected to her as she’s one of the only people who can really relate to what she’s going through. Watching the strength and dignity Jen’s maintained throughout everything has been an inspiration for Jennifer,” the source said.

To make their story more convincing, the tabloid published a photo of Aniston and Garner at an awards show. This shows that the two are not just friends but they are also close enough to pose for photos.

However, there’s no indication that Garner has been seeking support from Aniston and there’s no reason for her too. Garner has moved on from Affleck a long time ago, and she’s also dating CEO John Miller.

This proves that the tabloid’s claims are incorrect because Garner wouldn’t want to find a man from a dating app or even elsewhere because she already has a boyfriend.

As for Aniston, the Friends star recently said that she’s ready for love. But it’s not also true that the actress is still reeling from her divorce from Pitt because this happened over a decade ago.

In fact, Aniston and Pitt have become good friends and the same can be said about Garner and Affleck.