An unverified report claimed that Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton are about to end their 46-year marriage life after the former US president began dealing with health issues.
A recent edition of the Globe claimed that the Clintons are calling it quits. Bill reportedly realized he needs a change following his recent health issues.
"Bill no longer cares what people think after his hospital stay. For years he was concerned about keeping up appearances, first for the sake of his own political career and then to further Hillary's run for the White House and finally for the success of their charitable foundation," an insider said.
While his grandchildren have been his reason not to give up, Bill reportedly thought about his priorities after his near-death experience. Unfortunately, his wife, Hillary, is not one of them.
The news outlet added that the stress the divorce process could cause would also affect Bill's health, and it reportedly poses a threat to his body weight.
Divorce Rumors or True Story?
The former president indeed dealt with health issues, but the part where he thought of having a divorce is far from being real.
For years, Hillary served as the most crucial chamber of his life despite being involved in an infidelity scandal. They also spend time together and ensure they are present at the most important events.
For Clinton's health, he suffered from sepsis while being hospitalized due to a urinary tract infection. He sparked death rumors even after his discharge, but a spokesperson revealed he was on the mend because of the help he received from the medical staff.
With that said, it is highly unlikely that he truly decided on the alleged divorce because of his illness.
Key points of Their Relationship
The duo first met at Yale Law School in 1971 when they bumped into each other at the library. During the 2016 Democratic National Convention, the former POTUS showered her with sweet words, saying, Hillary, "exuded this sense of strength and self-possession that I found magnetic."
A year later, they worked together on George McGovern's presidential campaigns as White House residents.
In 1973, Bill finally popped out the question in England, but Hillary turned down since she needed more time. But after moving to Arkansas, she finally said yes and ultimately tied knots in 1975.