Victoria Beckham couldn’t allegedly wait to become a grandmother.

In its Dec. 8 issue, Closer UK claimed that Beckham knows that her eldest son, Brooklyn Beckham, and his fiancée, Nicola Peltz are feeling broody for quite some time.

And even though they haven’t tied the knot, Posh Spice is open to the idea that the couple could have a baby first before they walk down the aisle.

A source claimed that Victoria is so excited to become a grandmother that she’s been even thinking about relocating to the United States. After all, Brooklyn will most likely live there because Peltz is from the country.

“Vic’s always known Brooklyn wants to be a young dad like David. She loves the idea of being a grandmother and wants her grandchildren to be as close to her and David’s parents are to their kids, sharing a special bond that they’ve all been fortunate enough to experience,” the source said.

The fashion designer also wants to make sure that she’s not like the other grandmothers who only see their grandchildren a few times every year. And she doesn’t want to just keep talking to her grandchildren via FaceTime.

Instead, Victoria vowed to be as involved in her grandchildren’s lives as possible. And the only way to make this happen is if she lives close to their homes.

The source said that this is one of the reasons why Victoria has been thinking about leaving the United Kingdom for good. However, a part of her is worried about her two youngest children because they are used to living in the United Kindgdom. 

Victoria's work is also in the United Kingdom and being away from her job might not be good for her business. 

The source is also insisting that Brooklyn and Peltz could already be expecting their first child. After all, the couple recently posted a photo of their Christmas tree at home and called it their baby.

According to the source, Peltz also sported a fake baby bump while filming Lola, and it showed how pregnancy suits the model.

However, all of these factors do not indicate that Brooklyn and Peltz are already expecting their first child. And if they are, they will be the ones to share the news with the world.