Prince Charles’ health is allegedly deteriorating, and Queen Elizabeth’s recent health problems have caused him so much stress.

In its Dec. 6 issue, New Idea claimed that the royal family is worried about Prince Charles’ health. Even though he’s much younger than the queen, it’s still obvious that he’s not as healthy as he once was.

The tabloid published a photo of Prince Charles seemingly falling on the ground during his trip to Wales with Camilla Parker Bowles. And his swollen hands couldn’t allegedly help pull himself up.

As of late, there’s no confirmation that Prince Charles’ health is deteriorating. But the royal family couldn’t help but be worried because the future king is not getting any younger.

A source claimed that Prince Charles' loved ones are all worried about him. And they couldn't also help but wonder how the dad of two is able to fulfill all his royal tasks when his health is secretly deteriorating. 

The additional workload that was passed on to Prince Charles by the queen is also, allegedly, taking a toll on him. 

This isn’t the first time that Prince Charles’ health was rumored to be deteriorating. Multiple publications previously claimed that the future king is dealing with some blood-related issues that are connected to his heart because of his swollen hands.

The queen also has the same condition because she was recently photographed with her swollen hands and legs.

However, it is important to note that a spokesperson for the queen and Prince Charles has not commented on the royals’ alleged health issues. And if it’s something concerning, they would’ve already released a statement regarding the matter.

It is true that Prince Charles and the other members of the royal family are worried about the queen. In October, she stayed at a hospital for an entire night while her doctors checked on her.

Days after she returned to Windsor Castle to complete her recovery, it was reported that she sprained her back.

However, a similar report about Prince Charles has not been released. In fact, it was the heir to the throne that gave royal fans an update about the queen a few weeks ago.

He said that his mom is doing alright. But he also acknowledged the fact that that the queen is already 95 years old so things are not always easy for the monarch anymore, according to Town & Country