Kelly Clarkson allegedly wants to become the new Christmas queen and to get the crown away from her fellow singer, Mariah Carey.

Throughout the years, Carey has been releasing Christmas songs and albums to commemorate the holiday season. But Clarkson has also started doing the same in recent months.

In its Dec. 6 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Clarkson now wants to compete with Carey even though the latter has always been supportive of the former.

“Mariah has been very supportive of Kelly in the past, but that’s because she never saw her as any sort of threat. Now that Kelly is gunning so hard to conquer the Christmas market, Mariah no longer sees her as so harmless,” a source said.

The insider also claimed that Carey has vowed to make sure that the songs that she will release will outdo Clarkson’s tracks. After all, she’s the real queen of Christmas.

To make things worse, the source also alleged that Carey has been trash-talking Clarkson to all their friends so that no one would support the latter.

“It’s obvious she’s threatened, and she should be. Kelly is very ambitious and it’s very much her goal to steal Mariah’s spot. But if she thinks Mariah will let that happen without a major fight, she is sorely mistaken. She should get ready for war,” the source said.

With this, the tabloid claimed that Clarkson’s ongoing divorce battle with her ex, Brandon Blackstock changed her into a stronger person. The former people pleaser is ready to bid her old habits goodbye.

“She’s not backing down from Brandon to play nice and she’s got the same attitude when it comes to pushing to take the Christmas crown from Mariah. Kelly wants to be number one and she’s ready to step up and claim it. If Mariah doesn’t like it, so be it. She isn’t going to cower,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. It’s unclear why Clarkson and Carey are being pitted against each other over their Christmas music.

Clarkson must have been a fan of Carey for a long time, and she has no intentions to compete with the latter. After all, Carey is on a different level when it comes to the music industry.

Additionally, Clarkson’s divorce battle doesn’t have any links to her music or to Carey’s Christmas songs.