Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s credibility is in question following the latter’s admission that she collaborated with the authors of Finding Freedom.

According to reports, Markle had no idea that her former staff, Jason Knauf would out her to the world that’s why she repeatedly denied her involvement in the book.

But when Knauf came clean about receiving emails from Markle and he also said that he regretted not coming forward sooner, Markle was left with no other choice but to admit defeat.

She told the court that she forgot about such an important detail regarding the case. And she also insisted that she doesn’t have any intention to lie to the court.

However, sources are saying that this was just Markle’s way of trying to save herself from further humiliation. And since she and Prince Harry do not like to take accountability for the things that they did wrong, it’s highly likely that they will blame Knauf for their wrongdoings.

In its Nov. 29 issue, WHO magazine claimed that it’s only a matter of time before the couple passes the blame on someone else. And if it’s not Knauf, it would be interesting to see who they will blame.

“I think they will both blame other people because at the moment they have never shown any signs of taking on any blame themselves. Harry and Meghan will lose a lot of credibility over this,” the source said.

The Sun also listed down all of Markle’s 11 lies that she was already called out for. The Duchess of Sussex’s first lie had to do with her allegations of racism against a member of the royal family.

She said that one royal had questions regarding the color of Archie’s skin. But Prince Harry claimed that the conversation happened at the start of their relationship.

Markle also claimed that the royal family refused to give her help and support even when she asked for it. But The Sun pointed out that they had the support of Prince Harry’s initiative, Heads Together. And Markle also received help from Princess Diana’s former confidante, Julia Samuelson.

The Duchess of Sussex’s claim that her son Archie was not allowed to be a prince isn’t also, reportedly, accurate. However, royal protocol dictates that the only time Archie can be called prince is after his grandfather, Prince Charles ascends the throne.