Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have been pitted against each other since 2018.

At the time, newcomer Markle just tied the knot with Prince Harry. And she was the newest face of the royal family.

In the documentary, The Princes and the Press, Daily Mail columnist Amanda Platell was interviewed by the BBC’s media editor and Radio 4 host Amol Rajan.

The latter asked Platell what she meant when she wrote an article about Middleton and asked whether Prince William’s wife can cope with the “Meghan mania.”

Platell said that she couldn’t help but wonder what Middleton was thinking at the time when everybody still adored the Duchess of Sussex.

When Markle arrived at Brixton to visit the Reprezent 107.3 FM radio station, hundreds of crowds waiting for her arrival chanted her name. Platell, who was also at the engagement at the time, said that it was like royal fans saw a rockstar.

The columnist also said that Middleton never had such huge crowds chant her name. So, any human must wonder why Markle was the only one that received such treatment.

Rajan also asked Platell why she thinks Markle is always condemned for the things that Middleton is praised for.

“Perhaps it’s just human nature. Some of the narratives about public figures reflect what goes on in people’s real lives,” she said.

Last week, Star claimed that Middleton is not only jealous of Markle, she also secretly hopes to live the life that her sister-in-law is currently living in the United States.

A source claimed that Middleton is always curious as to what Markle is doing that’s why she stalks her online when she’s not busy.

And the Duchess of Cambridge is also jealous because Markle can talk about politics, and she can also sign lucrative deals and make more money, and Prince Harry’s wife also has more freedom to do the things that she wants like appear on TV shows.

However, the tabloid was unable to provide any concrete proof that Middleton is jealous of Markle because the future queen consort has never made such a comment.

In fact, it’s possible that Middleton couldn’t care less about Markle’s life because she knows that she has more freedom because she’s not a senior working royal anymore.

As for Middleton, not only is she a senior working royal, she’s also married to the future king of Britain.