Anne Hathaway isn’t allegedly ready to bury the hatchet with Kelly Clarkson.

In its Nov. 29 issue, Star claimed that Hathaway and Clarkson have a years-long feud, and they don’t have any plans to resolve their issues anytime soon.

So, even though Hathaway has a lot of projects in line and she will most likely promote them on television, it’s unlikely for her to do so in The Kelly Clarkson Show.

A source claimed that the issue between Hathaway and Clarkson started way back in 2004 when the latter was tasked to sing “Breakaway” in the movie, Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement.

The insider said that Clarkson was just a newcomer in the industry then after having won the first season of American Idol, while Hathaway was already a famed actor.

But to her surprise, the tables turned shortly after Clarkson sang the song.

“From Anne’s point of view, Kelly was tagging along on a successful franchise that Anne helped to build from the ground up,” the source said.

Clarkson’s comments about the movie also, allegedly, irked Hathaway. After all, she said that she decided to sing “Breakaway” because she’s a fan of Julie Andrews.

Hathaway allegedly felt that this was Clarkson’s way of snubbing her and of letting the world know that she’s not a fan of the former.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt because there is no indication that Hathaway and Clarkson ever had an issue with the movie.

It doesn’t also make sense for Hathaway to be jealous of Clarkson’s overnight success since she’s also a famed actress herself.

As for the actress not promoting her upcoming movies on The Kelly Clarkson Show, this may be true but only due to scheduling conflicts.

Meanwhile, Clarkson has been at the center of feud rumors as of late.

Last week, another tabloid claimed that she and her fellow American Idol contestant, Jennifer Hudson are at odds with each other and it once again has to do with her talk show.

A source claimed that Clarkson just found out that Hudson also wants to headline her own talk show, and she’s not thrilled. After all, Clarkson thought that her stress is over now that the Ellen Show is ending, but she suddenly has Hudson’s program to watch out for.

However, there’s also no truth to these claims. And it’s obvious that the tabloid is just pitting the two singers against each other.