Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are once again being pitted against each other.

In its Nov. 29 issue, Star claimed that Middleton is secretly jealous of Markle. After all, the Duchess of Sussex has had more freedom ever since she decided to quit The Firm.

A source claimed that Middleton is so jealous of Markle to the point that she’s been stalking her online to know what she’s up to.

The insider also claimed that Middleton became jealous of Markle’s relationship with Queen Elizabeth that’s why she decided to distance herself from her sister-in-law.

“Kate took Meghan under her wing, but cracks between them started to show after Harry proposed. She didn’t like that Meghan was moving in on her turf. At the end of the day, Kate and Meghan are both strong, domineering women who are fighting to achieve the same goal: to win over the queen and the public,” the source said.

According to the source, another thing that Middleton dislikes about being a royal is the fact that she can’t comment on political issues or topics that are close to her heart.

The Duchess of Cambridge is not also thrilled to be making much less than Markle because her income solely comes from her job as a senior working royal.

“She complains, saying Meghan puts making money before morals or loyalty, but it’s obvious she’s bitter. Who wouldn’t say no to living in a $14 million dollar mansion in Montecito? Kate abided by the rules and is always polite in public, so people see her as a yes person. But underneath the surface, there’s a side to her that just desperately wants to be in control,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. There is no proof that Middleton is jealous of Markle, and there’s also no reason for her to be jealous of Markle. After all, the sisters-in-law’s lives are very different from each other.

When Middleton tied the knot with Prince William in 2011, she was aware of what she had to do. Even though it took her years to adjust to her royal as a royal and a future queen consort, she knew that being part of the British clan meant that there will be restrictions.

Markle, on the other hand, also signed up for the royal of senior working royal. But she quit The Firm that’s why she’s able to do all the things that she’s doing now.