Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and Christine Brown just called it quits.

But according to National Enquirer, the series polygamist is confident that he won’t have a hard time finding new women to date. In fact, Kody has allegedly been bragging about all the women that are interested in him.

“He’s insatiable and boasts there’s no shortage of women who wouldn’t want to be his partner. After all, they’re well provided for, they get their own house, most of everything paid for, kids if they want, and his companionship. He’s reaching out to family friends and their grown daughters with a proposition he’s sure they won’t be able to resist,” the source said.

However, the source also claimed that behind closed doors, Kody is really worried because he thinks that if Christine was able to leave him, his other wives will also follow in their footsteps.

Years ago, Kody and Meri’s relationship almost ended after the latter was caught flirting with someone online, who turned out to be a scammer.

“His relationship with Meri has been on the outs since 2015 her catfishing scandal. He and Janelle aren’t getting along these days, and even Robyn’s laughing behind his back. Kody’s losing his edge on the home front, and he’s panicking he’ll be all alone. Instead of the man of the house, he’ll be in the dog house. So, he’s taking the initiative and looking to hook another wife or two. It’ll teach the others a lesson – or so he believes,” the source said.

As of late, there’s no concrete proof that Kody has been looking for new women to be with. While this may indeed be a possibility, the tabloid was unable to prove its claims.

Meanwhile, Kody and Janelle are indeed having some problems with their holiday plans.

In the teaser for Sisters Wives Season 16, Kody and Janelle can be seen butting heads over their celebration amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The latter wants a big celebration because their kids will be coming home, but the former wants a simple and smaller gathering.

As of late, it’s still unclear how this feud will play out in the premiere episode for Sister Wives Season 16. But this shows that Kody and Janelle have not been getting along like they used to.