The Crown Season 5 is currently in production and new information regarding the hit Netflix drama is released almost every day.

According to People, the series just cast an actor that will play the role of a young Prince William, and it’s none other than Dominic West’s son, Senan West.

Senan, 13, is a relative newcomer in the industry. And he will reportedly portray the role of a young Prince William in the final episodes of The Crown Season 5.

Even though his dad also stars in Th Crown as Prince Charles, Senan went through the process of auditioning for the role.

Sources revealed that his audition tape caught the attention of the show’s producers that’s why they decided to cast him.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Debicki, who portrays Princess Diana in the series, has already been filming her scenes with the younger versions of Prince William and Prince Harry.

Since Senan is already in his teens, he will portray the role of a teen Prince William, which is crucial to The Crown. After all, Prince William was just 15 years old when his mom died in a car crash.

So, based on this timeline, it’s easy to predict that Senan will be portraying Prince William’s life before and even after Princess Diana’s death.

Meanwhile, photos from the set of The Crown in Spain have been making headlines. After all, they really have similarities with the real-life royals.

One of the photos shows Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Princess Diana, and Prince William riding a boat. And the actors that recreated this image truly gave it justice.

Fans of The Crown are excited to watch the royal family’s story unfold in the upcoming episodes. But even if this was the case, the series is still receiving flak from some people.

Last month, Princess Diana’s friend, Jemima Khan said that she already stopped contributing to the series because she didn’t approve of their portrayal of the Princess of Wales in the upcoming seasons.

Khan said that she wanted to give her late friend’s final moments justice, but this isn’t what fans can expect when they watch the show.

However, Khan is also being criticized for allegedly being bitter over her split from The Crown series creator, Peter Morgan. She’s also being accused of cutting ties with the project because she’s no longer with the series creator and not really to defend Princess Diana’s memory.