Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage was short-lived. After tying the knot in 1981, the former royal couple announced their divorce in 1996.

Throughout the span of their marriage, reports revealed that Prince Charles cheated on Princess Diana with Camilla Parker Bowles. But even though royal fans knew that Princess Diana wasn’t always faithful to Prince Charles, they didn’t condemn the late royal.

Prince Charles, on the other hand, received all the criticisms for not treating his ex-wife well and for cheating on Princess Diana.

But in its Nov. 22 issue, In Touch Weekly claimed that Princess Diana was the one that cheated on Prince Charles first. The latter found out about his wife’s infidelity through his protection officer, Allan Peters. However, the heir to the throne opted to stay mum about the matter.

Even after Princess Diana’s death, Prince Charles never talked about the late royal’s cheating spree. According to Peters, the Princess of Wales cheated on Prince Charles four times, and the future king only cheated on his ex-wife once.

“Charles never exposed Diana, but it wasn’t because he loved her. It was to protect his own image. He was young and insecure. Times were different, and he felt emasculated that it didn’t look good for the future king’s wife to be two-timing him with her bodyguard. It damaged his ego,” the source said.

One year after Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s divorce, the latter death was announced and millions of royal fans across the globe went into mourning. Since then, Prince Charles realized that he can never talk negatively about the Princess of Wales because a lot of people loved her. As such, he also knew that no one would believe him.

However, Prince Charles’ former protection officer said that there’s no competition when it comes to who cheated first and who cheated the most. At the end of the day, both Prince Charles and Princess Diana were victims of their own story and not necessarily the villains.

Meanwhile, Prince Charles and Princess Diana also made headlines recently amid claims that the latter didn’t want to divorce the future king of Britain.

While speaking with Us Weekly, Emma Cooper, the executive producer of CNN’s docu-series, Diana said that Prince Charles and Princess Diana continued making public appearances even after they separated. And this was, reportedly, an indication that the mom of two didn’t really want to give up on her marriage.