Jennifer Aniston should, allegedly, have the most to fear when it comes to Matthew Perry’s memoir.

In its Nov. 22 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Perry will go all-out in his memoir, and he plans to expose all the dirty details on his Friends co-stars.

“Matthew has waited patiently for years but now it’s time to come clean and call out the traitors who made his life hell plus those who weren’t there when he needed them,” the source said.

The insider alleged that the set of Friends was a very toxic one, but among all his co-stars, Aniston is the one who should be worried the most because she has the most secrets.

Since the actor signed a seven-figure deal with his publisher, fans can reportedly expect a candid and no-holds-barred account of Perry’s time on the show. Additionally, the actor will detail his struggles with addiction.

Even though Perry has always been open about his struggles, he has not gone into detail explaining when his addiction started and when he finally kicked it to the curb.

“Matthew is going to try to set the record straight, but he’s having a tough time remembering much of his past because he was often so baked off the brains. It’s therapeutic for Matthew to write this memoir, but it’s also traumatizing to look back at how out of control his life has been. The big hope is that this helps him finally turn things around,” the source said.

Since news broke out about Perry’s upcoming memoir, all sorts of rumors already surrounded the project. The actor’s publisher confirmed that the memoir will center on the actor’s time in Friends, as well as his addiction.

But since the memoir still hasn’t been released, no one knows for sure what he will write about his co-stars. And everything that’s being said about Aniston is not true.

Since The Morning Show actress became the famous cast member of Friends, everyone’s convinced that Perry would have the most things to say about her. However, it is important to note that the memoir is all about Perry and his struggles and not his Friends co-stars.

Last week, Woman’s Day also published a similar story claiming that Perry will reveal which actor Aniston had a relationship with while they were on the show.

However, it is common knowledge that Aniston was dating Brad Pitt while she was in Friends.