Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were recently dubbed as neighbors from hell – again.

In its Nov. 22 issue, Life & Style claimed that the couple’s neighbors in Montecito are not thrilled to have them there.

One unnamed neighbor went on record to detail his experiences with Prince Harry and Markle.

He said that there was a time that he bumped into the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and said hello, but they ignored him.

The neighbor claimed that Prince Harry and Markle just bowed their heads and looked away.

Before they relocated to Montecito, there were claims that Prince Harry and Markle’s staff asked their neighbors to not strike a conversation with the couple. The aides also urged everyone to avoid petting Prince Harry and Markle’s dogs.

According to the neighbor, this practice didn’t seem to change following the couple’s move even though it was no longer formally asked of them.

He said that there was another instance wherein Prince Harry was riding his bicycle and he accidentally drove it in between his neighbor and his neighbor’s friend. And the source said that the Duke of Sussex never even apologized.

Following the incident, the neighbor said that he would’ve been more forgiving of Prince Harry and Markle if they were a bit nicer and friendlier. But since they’re not, he’s also one of those people who are, allegedly, condemning the couple.

The neighbor claimed that Prince Harry and Markle brought too many problems into their neighborhood. In fact, the once quiet and sleepy town as referred to by Rob Lowe is no longer the same as it once was.

“If they were friendlier, perhaps I’d be more forgiving. But it’s hard to give them the benefit of the doubt when they act a cut above the rest,” the source said.

As of late, the term neighbors from hell are only used by the tabloids to refer to Prince Harry and Markle. They have also used the same moniker to refer to other celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Ellen DeGeneres.

There is no known individual who has complained about Prince Harry and Markle’s move into Montecito. And everything else is just based on hearsay.

It’s possible that the tabloids got this idea after Prince Harry told Dax Shepard that they were once stalked by photographers with drones so that they capture photos of the couple and their son, Archie.