Jennifer Lopez is allegedly thinking about ending her relationship with Ben Affleck.

In its Nov. 15 issue, Life & Style claimed that Lopez and Affleck were inseparable for the past couple of months after they started dating. However, the A-listers are both adjusting to the fact that they could no longer spend as much time with each other.

Affleck is in Texas filming his upcoming movie, and Lopez is in Canada for her upcoming project. As such, the couple could not spend much time with each other like before.

During their time apart, a source claimed that Lopez couldn’t help but recall everything that she and Affleck went through. And she couldn’t also help but think that her boyfriend would go back to his old ways simply because she’s not there to look after him.

“There are some serious issues that are still there for J.Lo in this relationship. She is not sure she can fully believe in Ben after his past mistakes. She really doesn’t like the idea of Ben on his own in LA when she is off on location. She knows he’s in recovery, but she can’t get rid of those concerns. And it’s causing her to pump the brakes a little bit,” the source said.

The insider added that Lopez also took offense after Affleck decided to hang out with his children in Los Angeles. During that time, the actor’s ex-wife, Jennifer Garner was with her boyfriend, John Miller in New York.

Since Affleck couldn’t just leave his kids alone at home, he had to stay with them. He was unable to therefore hang out with Lopez for a couple of weeks, and it was the singer that kept flying to the actor’s house.

Lopez didn’t allegedly enjoy the setup because it made her feel as though she’s not Affleck’s priority. But this isn’t necessarily the case. Affleck was simply doing what he needs to do as a dad.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. After all, Lopez and Affleck are not on the brink of a split.

Source also told E! News that Affleck and Lopez are more fond of each other now that they cannot hang out as frequently as they used to.

Lopez doesn’t also have an issue with Affleck’s children because she also has kids of her own.