Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are, allegedly, on the brink of a divorce. In its Nov. 15 issue, Life & Style claimed that all couple does these days is to argue and fight.

A source claimed that Kunis and Kutcher can’t seem to agree on anything even their parenting styles.

“The cracks are showing in their relationship. Like many couples, they fight over their different parenting styles, making day-to-day decisions, and who is carrying the most weight at home. It’s a difficult balancing act,” the source said.

The insider added that Kutcher and Kunis’s living arrangements are also causing strain on their marriage. Since the actor is currently filming Your Place or Mine with Rees Witherspoon in Los Angeles and New York City, Kunis is the one tending to their children at home.

During a previous interview, the Bad Moms star said that she accepted an offer to appear in a Cheetos commercial last year because it meant she could get away from her kids for two days. So, being left alone with their children is allegedly stressing the actor out.

“She’s not used to being a stay-at-home mom. Mila doesn’t like being stuck at home. They’re trying to figure out a new normal as a family, but it’s hard,” the source said.

However, it seems that the tabloid is just exaggerating their claims following Kunis’s "mom confessions" last month.

During the actress’s appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’s web series, Mom Confessions, Kunis revealed that she and her husband don’t always see eye to eye.

Kunis shared a story about her 6-year-old daughter being pushed by one of her peers from pre-school. Kunis asked her daughter if she pushed the kid back, and she said no.

The doting mom told her daughter that next time someone pushes her again, she should push them back. But Kunis saw her husband’s reaction, and she also heard Kutcher telling their daughter that she shouldn’t push the other kid back.

While it is true that Kunis and Kutcher do not always agree when it comes to their parenting style, it’s not true that the couple’s marriage is suffering because of their differences.

Kunis was actually laughing when she recalled the incident that took place with her daughter, so there was no indication that her approach left a dent in her marriage to Kutcher.