Queen Elizabeth has allegedly been banned from doing a handful of things that she used to enjoy following her hospitalization.

In its Nov. 15 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that the queen’s doctors ordered her to get as much rest as possible. She has also been asked to stay indoors for the most part until she fully recovers.

Since Her Majesty can’t spend hours outdoors, she can no longer ride her horses or walk her dogs. The monarch can’t also, allegedly, travel anymore. But all these restrictions are, allegedly, temporary.

“It reminds her all too much of when doctors advised Prince Philip to give up his carriage driving. Thankfully she is allowed to drive and has been seen scooting around Windsor in her old Jag as a way of getting out of the house,” the source said.

Last month, the queen rocked the entire world over the news of her hospitalization. However, it is important to note that she only stayed at the hospital overnight.

Shortly after, the queen returned home to Windsor Castle, where she performed her royal duties virtually. A spokesperson for the palace also said that Her Majesty was in good spirits after leaving the hospital.

The spokesperson also said that the queen’s doctors advised her to get some rest for two weeks. And if she recovers fully, the 95-year-old might still attend the National Service of Remembrance on Remembrance Sunday on Nov. 14, according to KTLA.

This proves that the queen’s recent health scare was nothing serious. And it also proves that the queen hasn’t been banned from doing anything after she was hospitalized.

Once the queen is fully recovered, she can already ride her horses or walk her dogs as often as she wants.

It’s not also true that the queen has been banned from traveling following her hospitalization. Days after she checked out of London’s King Edward VII Hospital, reports revealed that the queen traveled to Sandringham via helicopter.

Previous reports revealed that the queen stopped traveling by air a long time ago amid fears that an accident may occur and she could be killed. So, it was quite a surprise that she opted to take the helicopter on her way to Sandringham.

It is possible that a shorter travel time is what’s best for the queen who’s already in her mid-90s and doesn’t have long to live.