Matthew Perry will release his first memoir next year, and his publisher vowed that the book will be a truthful account of the actor’s struggles, his relationship with his Friends co-stars, as well as his time on the hit sitcom.

In its Nov. 15 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that Perry’s memoir won’t only focus on the actor’s personal accounts. It will also shed light on some secrets from the set of Friends years ago.

As such, Perry’s co-stars couldn’t help but worry about what the actor will reveal about them. But among all of the main cast members, it is Jennifer Aniston that’s scared the most because she’s allegedly the one with the most secrets.

“Matthew’s co-stars are outwardly supportive of his new endeavor but there are nerves about what he’s going to include. Especially Jennifer Aniston, who people will be wanting to read about the most. Rumor has it Matthew is being pushed to spill on whether she really did hook up with Matt LeBlanc or whether David Schwimmer was pursuing her,” the source said.

Perry will also tackle his addiction in his upcoming memoir.

“He’s gone through some terrible dark lows. Writing this book has helped him move on from a lot of issues and he’s hoping it will help others, too,” the source said.

Meanwhile, the tabloid’s sister site, New Idea, also published a similar story about Perry. However, they claimed that the actor’s memoir will also detail Aniston’s failed marriage to Brad Pitt.

A source claimed that Perry didn’t necessarily like Pitt especially after the former found out how the latter hurt Aniston.

Perry will also, allegedly, shed light on his relationship with LeBlanc. Even though the co-stars played the role of best friends in Friends, their relationship behind the camera was anything but.

As of late, very little information has been released about Perry’s upcoming memoir. But it’s not hard to assume that the book will mostly focus on the actor and not on his co-stars. After all, it’s his memoir and not someone else’s.

By the looks of it, the tabloids are just creating drama between Perry and his co-stars where there is none. After all, there were previous claims that Perry felt left out from the group and that he seldom felt like he belonged.

But during this year's Friends Reunion Special, it was evident how close Perry was to everyone from the show.