Queen Elizabeth is, allegedly, dealing with several health issues at her delicate age of 95.

Breaking News: Queen Elizabeth II Dies At 96 After Reigning For 70 Years 

In its Nov. 15 issue, National Enquirer claimed that the queen suffered a mini-stroke that’s why she was rushed to the hospital last month. However, the palace decided to keep the news a secret so that the public won’t worry about Her Majesty too much.

A source claimed that palace staff saw the queen struggling to get out of bed on the morning of her hospitalization. She also looked disoriented and timid at the time.

Following complaints of pain in her chest and head, the palace decided to rush the queen to a nearby hospital. While there, she allegedly underwent a series of tests that later revealed that she suffered from a mini-stroke.

Other than this, the tabloid also claimed that the queen was rushed back to the hospital shortly after she returned to Windsor Castle. But this time around, the palace decided to not tell the press about it.

Following her second hospital visit, the queen underwent another round of tests. And they later found out that she could be suffering from blood cancer like lymphoma or leukemia.

The tabloid then revisited their bold claims about why the queen’s hand has some bruising and swelling and said that it’s related to her possible blood cancer diagnosis.

After all, leukemia targets the production of healthy white blood cells that are designed to multiply and fight off infections.

Some photos of the queen have indeed shown that her hands are sometimes swollen and bruised. However, she has not been diagnosed with leukemia.

If the queen is dealing with something as serious as this for years, it’s unlikely for her to still be alive. And if she is still alive, it would be impossible for her to perform her royal duties like she normally does.

It is not also true that the queen suffered a mini-stroke last month or that she was rushed to the hospital a second time around. By the looks of it, this is just the tabloid’s way of using the queen’s hospitalization as clickbait.

The queen’s diagnosis was not disclosed to the public because it’s nothing serious. In fact, shortly after returning home, she already performed her royal duties and even drove herself around the Windsor estate.

Her Majesty is currently in Sandringham where she will celebate Christmas with the royal family.