Prince Harry is worried sick about Queen Elizabeth especially after he learned that the 95-year-old was hospitalized last month.

In its Nov. 12 issue, Heat UK claimed that Prince Harry wants nothing more than to return home so that he could spend some time with his grandmother.

The Duke of Sussex doesn’t want to have any regrets because he knows that the queen doesn’t have long to live. And since Prince Harry didn’t return home while Prince Philip was at his death bed, he still couldn’t forgive himself for what he has done.

A source claimed that Prince Harry doesn’t want to live in more regrets because it’s affecting him negatively. So, he gathered up the courage to ask Meghan Markle if he could fly to the UK for the holidays. To his surprise, the Duchess of Sussex said yes.

However, when Prince Harry asked Markle to accompany him on his trip, she said no. She also banned her husband from bringing their kids to the UK next month.

Markle understands that Prince Harry needs to be with the queen. And since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have a wonderful relationship with the monarch, Markle doesn’t have any problem granting her husband’s request.

But this doesn’t mean that she’s ready to reunite with the royal family. Since her Megxit in January 2020, Markle has not set foot in the United Kingdom. She didn’t also join Prince Harry when he traveled to the UK in April for Prince Philip’s funeral.

“There’s just too much mud under the bridge between Meghan and the royals right now. She needs to think long and hard before taking the plunge into spending any length of time with them. That’s a tough pill for Harry to swallow, but he needs to make a choice with everybody’s interest at heart, not just Meghan,” the source said.

The insider added that Prince Harry is already finalizing the details of his trip next month. And he couldn’t be more excited to spend some quality time with the queen.

But the downside to this is that he wouldn’t be able to celebrate Christmas with his wife and two children.

However, Prince Harry has confirmed his plans for the holidays. And it’s unlikely for him to leave his family in Los Angeles during such a festive occasion.

It’s more possible for the Duke of Sussex to visit the queen before Christmas.