George Clooney and Amal Clooney are, allegedly, trying for their third child.

In its Nov. 8 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that the Clooneys' recent reunion in Australia made them realize how much they missed each other.

And since the couple’s twins, Alexander and Ella are growing up too fast, George and Amal allegedly agreed that it’s time to have another baby.

However, the only way for them to have some alone time in Australia is if George’s Ticket to Paradise co-star, Julia Roberts will help them out.

Roberts offered to babysit Alexander and Ella while George and Amal are enjoying each other’s company, but the actress allegedly has one condition.

She expects to be the godmother of the couple’s third child. And Roberts also wants the couple’s baby to be named after her. After all, the Eat Pray Love star thinks that the name Julia Clooney has a nice ring to it.

“Julia’s pretty much going to be an extra member of their family on this trip anyway, given her husband [Danny Moder] and kids have so far remained in America as their schools have finally opened up to in-person learning again. So, Julia’s flying solo, and George and Amal are more than happy to have her around,” the source said.

Meanwhile, the source also claimed that Amal has planned an exciting tour for her and George while they are in Australia. And the human rights lawyer also listed all the places that she wants to visit with her husband while she’s there.

Since Amal also has a very busy work schedule, now is the only time that she has to go on a vacation and relax. So, she allegedly intends to make the most out of her trip.

But while this may be true, the tabloid’s claim that George and Amal are trying for baby number three just doesn’t make sense.

During a previous interview, George and Amal said that they are content with just having two children. It is also important to note that Amal is not getting any younger, so it might be harder for her to conceive.

Rumors about George and Amal trying to have another baby have been rife for years.

Earlier this year, rumors also swirled that the couple has been having marital problems. And the couple agreed that the best way to solve their issues is by having another child.

However, 11 months have passed but George and Amal still have two children.